Dueling Pianos Pricing Calculator

Play around with the different options here and watch the price change in real-time! You can check pricing for the Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos show as well as our Duo and Solo show options. When you’re ready, click the link on the bottom of the page to send us your estimate and start the planning process.

Our shows are full-production – meaning we provide the grand pianos, full-range sound system, and live-operated lighting. Our technical crew and entertainers are experienced professionals and are employees of Piano Fondue, LLC (as opposed to independent contractors), and as such, are dedicated to making your event a success. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in finding creative solutions to a wide array of unique logistical challenges. So let us help you create a magical and memorable event – we can’t wait to party with you!

Pricing shown is for a two-hour show. For a longer show, add $500 per additional hour for a dueling show, $400/hour for a duo show, or $300/hour for a solo show.

Some ways to find lower prices on our shows:

  • Saturdays are the highest demand days of the week
  • Our Solo and Duo shows are high-energy and interactive just like the Dueling Show, just with a smaller footprint
  • Add the Digital Setlist to your show. There are ways of incorporating it where your guests do not need to pay-to-play.
  • We don’t want holes in our schedule. If you can find an date that is coming up soon, grab it at a deep discount.

If our Dueling Pianos Pricing Calculator is giving you headaches, we’d be glad to personally find a show option that works for you. We are also happy to help you with a custom event – large or small. Simply fill out a booking inquiry, and we will be in touch. Don’t forget to check out some of our past shows on social media for some ideas for your own event!