Piano Fondue’s Digital Setlist

Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos

Create and re-order the show’s set list in real-time with Piano Fondue’s Digital Setlist. This is a website and NOT an app that you have to download. Your phone’s built-in browser is all you need.

All You Have To Know

1. The next song played is the song with the most credits.

2. If your song is not played during the show, your credits are returned to you.

3. Unused credits never expire.

All You Have To Do

1. CLICK the button below that says “LET’S GET STARTED”

2. LOGIN using Google and SHARE your email with us for free credits*

3. CHOOSE your show from the list

4. CLICK “see song queue”

* YOU ALSO HAVE the option to create an account using only your email address, however, free credit promotions only apply when you agree to share your Facebook- or Google-verified email address with us.

once you’re up and running, you can access the Digital Setlist directly at pianofondue.app

SEARCH for new songs to add,

CLICK on current songs to BOOST them up the queue, or

BUY CREDITS to replenish your credit bank.

Check out some Frequently Asked Questions.

We at Piano Fondue are so proud of our groundbreaking product, the Digital Setlist. We’ve been working on this idea for years, and we developed the webapp right here in Madison, WI with a local company, Bendyworks. Everything you spend on Piano Fondue’s Digital Setlist stays here because we didn’t license this software – we invented it!

Stay in the know on upcoming shows and credits promotions by signing up for Piano Fondue’s Digital Setlist email list.

We use your email address solely for our private Piano Fondue mailing list (from which you can unsubscribe at any time), and we send occasional emails with show announcements and sales on credit purchases. Piano Fondue will NEVER share your email address with other marketing entities.