Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos

Where every song is a showstopper!

Are you ready to party!?

Imagine a night where singalongs explode like fireworks and grand pianos become instruments of non-stop musical mayhem. That’s the electrifying atmosphere you get with Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos! Our talented entertainers face off, playing your favorite tunes and turning the energy up up up! The air crackles with laughter, cheers, and so many wrong lyrics to Don’t Stop Believin’! You’ll be belting out classic rock anthems, pop hits, showtunes, country songs, hip-hop tracks… you name it! Get up and jump to the beat with complete strangers who suddenly feel like friends. It’s an interactive party that guarantees an unforgettable night of laughter, music, and pure fun!

Piano Fondue is the premiere Dueling Pianos entertainment company in the Midwest. Having been producing amazing high-energy and interactive shows for over eighteen years, we have the knowledge and experience to connect with any crowd – large or small, young or old. Our show is full-production, complete with full-range sound and live-operated dynamic lighting. Piano Fondue’s employees (not contractors) are dedicated industry professionals who are devoted to delivering a memorable and exciting event for you and your guests. For the ultimate rock and roll, sing-along experience, browse our range of show configurations or check us out at an upcoming public performance. We can’t wait to party with you!

Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos is based in Madison, Wisconsin. We are a fully-mobile, full-production operation that travels with two beautiful digital baby grand pianos, production crew, and massively talented entertainers. Our team performs regularly for corporate events, festivals, wedding receptions, fundraisers, and community-facing businesses such as resorts, breweries/distilleries, and restaurants. We invite you to join our family of partners and begin customizing your event today!

Reach out to us either through our Pricing Page or our Inquiry Form or by sending us an email to info@pianofondue.com. We typically respond within two business days (keep in mind, our Fridays and Saturdays are very busy!). We look forward to working with you to make your event one to remember.

Social Corner

Black Lives Matter!

Piano Fondue is committed to the eradication of racism in all forms. We especially recognize the incredible influence Black Americans have had on the music industry throughout its history and the underrepresentation of people of color in our corner of the same industry. We invite you to join our efforts in erasing this institutional and systemic racism.