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Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos

You lead an extraordinary team.

Show them your appreciation with an epic night of singing, dancing, and hijinks with Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos! This is unique, high-energy entertainment with the lights and sounds of a Vegas show, packaged into a traveling production. Perfect for any corporate events, we involve your team from the start with an all-request show that focuses on audience interaction.

If your crew likes to dance, our Dueling Pianos plus DJ package is a great option. We follow our high-energy, all-request dueling pianos with one of our in-house party DJs to spin tunes for another two hours. It’s a four-hour non-stop party!

What is Piano Fondue?

Piano Fondue is high-energy entertainment that features two talented entertainers at two beautiful baby grand pianos. We play all kinds of music, from classic rock to pop to country to rap, feeding off of requests from the audience. But that’s not all! Paramount to the show is crowd interaction. We encourage our audience to sing along, clap along, dance along, and step up the energy all night long. We joke, toast, goad, prod, and goof around with the audience, creating a hilarious and lively atmosphere where folks feel comfortable letting loose. Piano Fondue is not just a show, it’s an experience!

Why Piano Fondue?

We at Piano Fondue have been perfecting our unique brand of interactive entertainment for over eighteen years. Having performed at hundreds of events across the country, from weddings and corporate functions to fundraisers and festivals, our entertainers and technical crew are the most professional and knowledgeable team in the industry. Our full-production show is unparalleled in initial wow-factor, with our beautiful baby grand pianos and dynamic, live-operated light show dominating the stage and setting the scene for our high-energy performers. 

We have a variety of shows and packages to suit any budget and venue. As a full-production operation, we can provide the pianos, sound support, lighting system, as well as the entertainers and production crew to staff it. So you just point to where you want us, and we take care of the rest! Our team of professional and friendly employees will make sure your event runs smoothly and successfully.

How to Book Piano Fondue?

First, visit our pricing estimator and find the perfect show package for your budget. Then, submit your info right there, and we will get in touch within two business days. You can also check out our calendar of upcoming shows to see us in action.

We love performing for corporate events and have done so for many years. Our team is professional, courteous, and in-tune with appropriate workplace decorum and behavior. Our technical crew communicates with you and your venue well in advance to work through logistical requirements. They also act as point of contact on the day-of. We strive to make your event easy and fun. So let’s party!