Digital Setlist FAQ

Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos

What is it?

The Digital Setlist is a website that allows our audiences to create and reorder the show’s set list in real-time. This is a “web app,” and since there is nothing to download, your phone’s built-in web browser is all you need.

How do I start?

Type “” into your web browser or search bar. Then click the button that says “LET’S GET STARTED.” You will then see a page where you can quickly log in using your Google account.

Why do you want my email address?

We use your email address solely for our private, Piano Fondue mailing list (which you can unsubscribe from at any time). Also, Piano Fondue will NEVER share your email address with other marketing entities. We send occasional emails about upcoming shows or when we have sales on credits.

Where is the song queue?

Once you log in, you will see a list of all current and upcoming shows. tap on the one you want to participate in, and you will see the show details page. Right there in the middle is a button – “SEE SONG QUEUE” – that’s where the magic happens! Go ahead – tap it!

How do I request a song?

On the “Song Queue” page, click on “SEARCH SONGS” at the bottom. You will then see a search bar at the top of your screen and several lists of suggestions. You can tap on the searchbar and type out either song title or artist, or you can tap on one of the categories to see our curated lists.

The song I want is already in the queue.

You can tap on the song and add credits to boost it up the list (get it played sooner). You can tap on any song you see, so choose your favorites and have fun!

The song I want doesn’t show up when I search for it.

We are always growing our song database as new songs get released and old favorites get remembered. If your song is missing, tweet us at @PianoFondue (or message us on Instagram, Facebook, or Threads, all @PianoFondue) – if we know it, we’ll add it to the database during the show.

What are credits?

The number of credits on each song in the Digital Setlist queue determines what order they appear in. You receive some for free when you first share your email address with us. Unused credits stay in your credit bank and roll over to the next show.

I ran out of credits!

Glad you brought that up – you can click on “Buy Credits” to get some more! Payment processing is through Braintree (a PayPal company). Piano Fondue does not receive your credit card information.

Something’s wrong!

Flag down the Piano Fondue staff member closest to you, and they can help figure things out. (Try refreshing the page – that usually does the trick!)

Why wasn’t my song played?

There are a few reasons that your song would not be played. If it is at the bottom of the queue, and the end of the night rolls along, we may have to call it quits before playing it. Alternately, the song may have been inappropriate for the particular night’s crowd. Heck, we may just not know the tune! Regardless, the entertainers will announce why the song was not played.

What happens if my song doesn’t get played?

Was your song not played? worry not! All of the credits you had put on the song will automatically and immediately return to your credit bank. Your credits never expire and stay in your bank until the next show.

I don’t have a smartphone. Can I bring cash up to the pianos to request a song?

Flag down a Piano Fondue staff member, and they can help get your request entered into the Digital Setlist queue.