Work with Piano Fondue

Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos

If there is one thing that everyone with Piano Fondue has in common, it is that we love what we do! We entertain, we build a show, and we interact with our fans. There is a lot that goes into pulling off our unique brand of interactive entertainment, and our team is second-to-none! If you are ready to join the party and work with Piano Fondue, we would love to have you. We are always looking to grow our team. Are you ready to jump in?


We are always on the lookout for fresh entertainers who are excited about the latest in pop music as well as the favorites of yesterday. We can train you to do this gig! Attitude is everything. If you can play the piano, sing, and not take yourself too seriously, we want to talk to you! Send a video of you playing one old song and one new song to

Technical Crew

Our technical crew is the backbone of our company. Every night, our crew creates a show that is audibly exciting and visually stunning. As the face of Piano Fondue, our techs drive the truck and trailer to the venue and interact with our clients upon arrival. Often, they are the first members of Piano Fondue our clients meet face-to-face! The job does entail some heavy lifting, as our two-person teams are responsible for assembling the digital piano shells and lifting our speakers onto their stands. When gear breaks or event schedules shift, our team works to devise creative solutions to make our events shine. Repairs, replacements, and work-arounds are all part of the job, and they love the challenge! After the show gets constructed, our technical crew operates our sound and lights for the show (we can teach you how!). Send your resume to

Social Media

Our fans are the most important asset we have, and our social media team is responsible for making sure they get all the Piano Fondue they can possibly handle! And then some! Send a resume to and be sure to include links to social media profiles you have worked on (either personal or professional).

App and Web Development

Our Digital Setlist is the next generation of live show interaction, and we want to keep pushing the boundaries of what it can do. If you are well-versed in Ionic Framework coding or app design, we want to talk to you! Send a resume to

We are always looking for amazing people to join our team. Take the plunge today and work with Piano Fondue!