Josh, Francie, and Piano Fondue

Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos

Piano Fondue is a limited liability company based in Madison, Wisconsin, and it is owned by the husband and wife team of Josh Dupont and Francie Phelps.

Josh Dupont started Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos back in 2005 with his fellow musician and co-founder, Chris Lange. He has spent the past eighteen years and thousands of performances perfecting the show!

Josh was born and raised in Mississippi, where he was steeped in blues and jazz from his early years. He stuck around for a while, earning his Bachelors in Arts at Millsaps College in Jackson. After spending three years in Texas, directing church choirs, musicals, and performing both classical and rock music, Josh moved to Madison, Wisconsin.

Josh and his wife, Francie Phelps, run Piano Fondue as a family business, and they employ over a dozen musicians and technicians. A couple years ago, they made the decision to move from the “independent contractor” model of business to the “employee” model. It has been a game-changer. The organization operates with new levels of trust and accountability. Gone are the days where Piano Fondue was “just another gig.” The support provided by unemployment insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance lets our employees know that we appreciate them.

Our Team

Francie and Josh are proud to employ a cadre of professional sound and lighting technicians. Piano Fondue is a high production-value show, and our employees produce such epic quality night after night. Our technicians run the entire show from the moment of arrival through the final pass of strike. Their incomparable dedication and professionalism is a cornerstone of Piano Fondue’s excellence.

The entertainers employed by Piano Fondue are also second-to-none. Their talents and personalities are amazing, and Francie and Josh could not be prouder of their energy, loyalty, and client-focused work ethic. They bring expertise from every corner of the music industry, and these unique experiences inform their performances and make every pairing a treat. The entertainers are the key to the Piano Fondue experience, and these are the best in the business.

Our Vendors

Piano Fondue uses Slam Grand baby grand piano shells and Yamaha CP-300 digital pianos. Check out their websites for unparalleled touring music equipment. We invest in the best because the production-value of your event is paramount to our philosophy. Our Digital Setlist software was developed by Bendyworks in Madison on the Ionic Framework (also a Madison, WI company). It was exciting to work through the process with them. Big thanks to all of our vendors.