Crowdsourced Set Lists – 5 tips

Piano Fondue has launched a crowdsourcing web app for our dueling pianos show. There’s nothing to download – it’s all contained on the website. Check it out at Here are a few ways to have fun with the new show and the new crowdsourced set lists! And if you want a primer on the web app in general, check out our FAQ post.

1- Set it and forget it

Are you enjoying the show and have a song in mind but don’t really care when it’s played? You can just search for the tune and add it to the song queue. Set the credit amount somewhere in the middle of the pack, and it’ll get there. Maybe someone else will spot it and even move it up the list.

2- Fight for the top spot

The next song is waiting to be played! You can see it there on the top of the queue, but it’s not the one you want to hear next. Drop more credits on your song and knock that top one down a peg! Pro tip – wait until the very last moment to kick it up there and you minimize the chance for the other song to come back before the players start singing your song.

3- Never forget the perfect song again!

If you know you’re coming to an upcoming show, whenever you get an idea for the perfect song, just fire up the show’s song queue and add it. The queues are live weeks ahead of the actual show, so go ahead and get your song in now.

4- Peek in on the action

Not at the show, but curious? You don’t have to be physically at the show to look at the song queue. So go ahead and take a peek!

5- Troll like a true villain

Is there a just terrible song that you want to drop on the unsuspecting crowd? Hold off until the last second and snipe that top spot. Do it more than once to be truly, truly hated. Heck, you don’t need to even be at the show. That’s some next-level trolling right there.