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Weddings with Piano Fondue

A wedding is a magical day in the lives of so many individuals, and Piano Fondue gets to play quite a few of them. We feel so honored to be included in these incredible touchstone moments, and that is why Piano Fondue is committed to providing amazing production value and unforgettable talent. The entertainment at a wedding needs to sound great, but more than that, it needs to look great. You will be revisiting your big night on Facebook and Instagram – let alone paging through your wedding album. The look of your entertainment is as important as the sound of it, and Piano Fondue is tops in both!

A wedding reception is a memorable event, but there is just so much to take in – consider this while planning your night. What are your guests going to remember? Think back on receptions you’ve been to – what do you remember? My guess is it’s the big two – venue and entertainment. Piano Fondue brings a unique experience that your guests are sure to look back upon fondly years and years from now.
Piano Fondue is a full-production show – we bring all the sound and lighting equipment we’re going to need. We’ll get there well in advance of your guests’ arrival, and we will have everything perfect by the time the first person walks through the door. But that’s just the beginning of what full-production means. Our sound and lighting technicians are on site for the entirety of your night as your point-of-contact for anything you need. Our musicians and DJs are there to emcee the whole event. We provide background music for your cocktails and dinner (recorded music by default, but live piano music is available). And then the show starts!

Most nights begin with a first dance – something special to the couple. Is it an obscure song from your first date or is it your favorite song of today? Whatever it is – we will learn it for you and perform a live version that will start the dancing off in inimitable style! After we invite all of your guests to the floor the requests start pouring in, and the night takes off. We usually save Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” for the end, because something special seems to occur every time (surprisingly without any suggestion from us at all!). People flock to the dance floor and form a giant ring around the wedding couple, singing along at the tops of their voices. It’s the perfect end to a perfect night – OR – it’s the perfect time to shake things up with one of our DJs. By far, our most popular package for wedding receptions is our “Best of Both Worlds” Dueling+DJ party. Two hours of all-request dancing and singing along is followed seamlessly by two more hours of thumping DJ beats. The energy of this night is unparalleled, and the dance floor is filled all night long!

Our wedding clients are also given access to our online event planning software. The timeline, special songs, wedding party names and roles, toasts, and more are all consolidated in one easy-to-navigate spot. We also schedule a final planning meeting for a few weeks before the reception to go over all of the details and make sure your reception is flawless.

We love playing weddings. They make up about a third of our road shows with Piano Fondue (the other two-thirds being comprised of corporate events, fundraisers, and public concerts). It is a huge responsibility to make sure that these moments in the life of a new couple are special and memorable, and we do not take that lightly. Many of our clients choose to rate our services on the popular wedding planning website, WeddingWire. Take a look here at what they have thought of us, and then get in touch. We would love to talk about your special night and give you a quote. Either send us an email at, give us a call at (608) 445-1711, or fill out our inquiry form.
Show Packages

Fundraising with Piano Fondue

So, your favorite organization is hosting a fundraiser with Piano Fondue. What is your role? The audiences at Piano Fondue fundraisers are constantly stepping up to the plate and throwing some much-needed cash at myriad organizations, charities, and nonprofits all around Wisconsin and the Midwest. Now it’s your turn. Come ready to play along with enough cash to make you hurt a little bit (remember: it’s all going to the cause). You’ll be writing your requests down on the provided request slips and bringing them up to the pianos with your bribe–ahem, charitable contribution–along with it. The higher dollar donation, the sooner your song gets played.

Additionally, throughout the show there will be the opportunity to stop certain songs by coughing up more than the original request amount. Remember though, the original song can always come back by out-bidding YOU! The thing to remember as you’re joining in the fun is that EVERY DOLLAR brought up to the pianos during the show is given straight to the fundraising cause, so tip often, tip a lot, and don’t get too upset if your song gets stopped – it’s all for a great cause, and you’re the one making it all possible. Have fun, and we’ll see you at the next Piano Fondue fundraiser!

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