Piano Fondue in a Theater is a high-energy, all-request interactive show that has audiences singing, clapping, dancing, and rocking for two straight hours, non-stop!

Piano Fondue’s theater show is a little different from typical dueling pianos.

The pianos are the same, the players are the same, but the new energy is through the roof! The entire set list is projected for the audience to see (or they can check it on their smartphones), and it updates in real-time as new songs are added and the old ones change position. Folks are battling for the next spot, cheering on their favorite songs, and singing along to the classics that always wind up making their way to the top – all while the Piano Fondue entertainers are leading the current song from the stage!

The mechanism for doing this is our website digitalsetlist.com

Everything is run on the site (go ahead and click the link above to check it out). There is no app to download – your phone’s built-in browser is all you need. The song list is credits-based. Guests receive credits for free when initially signing in with their Facebook or Google credentials and opting into our email list (not required, but it is the only way to receive credits for free). Additional credits are available to purchase through the website. Our payments are securely processed by Braintree, a PayPal company.

The song lists are always live!

People can add tunes whenever they want. When our venues educate their guests about the show in advance (we can provide promo material to help), the excitement can get established before the show day even arrives!

We are happy to talk about what Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos can look like in your theater. Send us an email at info@pianofondue.com or fill out our information request form here.

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