Have you been to a full-blown piano bar before? The energy alone is reason enough to visit one, but now you don’t have to travel far – or at all. We at Piano Fondue have been playing the dueling pianos show for over a decade, and we have taken the piano bar up out of the city and put it in a truck. We’re on the road, baby! And now we can bring that level of excitement and crowd-participation to you. We have a full-production show – we’re talking moving lights, full sound, and two gorgeous baby grand pianos – that we can set up in your backyard or living room, at your favorite bar, or in your company parking lot. And we can do it in under two hours. Our courteous and professional crew are masters of troubleshooting and technical improvisation. We’ve seen it all, and we can make the show work wherever you want us to put it!

Once the pianos are constructed and the cables are strung, we flip the switch and turn on the juice! Our entertainers are musical marvels and experts on crowd-interaction. We’ll get your toes tapping, hands clapping, and bodies moving all night long.

Piano Fondue 2.0

The pianos are the same, the players are the same, but the new energy is through the roof! Throughout the show, the entire set list is projected for the audience to see (or they can check it on their phones), and it updates in real-time as new songs are added and the old ones change position! Guests are battling for the top spot, cheering on their favorite songs, and singing along to the old standards that always wind up making their way to the top!

The song lists are always live, and people can add tunes whenever they want. When our venues educate their guests about the show in advance (we can provide promo material to help) the lists can get well established before the show day even arrives – guaranteed butts in the seats!

Many clients choose to incorporate our Facebook Live stream into their show as well. This has the potential to raise the energy even more as the in-person crowd teams up against the forces of the global internet. With our heavy Facebook marketing, our live feeds generate thousands of live views. Check out our live stream from the recent COVID-19 pandemic:

So take a moment and chat with your local fundraising team, your favorite bar or restaurant, or your company’s party coordinator. Tell them to check out the dueling pianos of Piano Fondue. We’d love to come party with you!