Showcase Countdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has transformed the live music landscape, and Piano Fondue has been changing along with it! We have livestreamed dueling shows, solo shows, and a six-way live showcase; but now we have a new feature to share with you! The “Showcase Countdown” combines a weekly Facebook concert event (on our Facebook page) with a week-long game! Do you think you can master the mob-mentality and group-think of our crowdsourced setlist?

Every Saturday

we will post a new seven-song concert showcase video, and YOU get to choose who plays what!


go to to assign the songs. The top seven will be played in order. The entertainers’ order (1-7) will be on social media, so try to get your favorite entertainer to sing your favorite song!

Wednesday Night

at 9pm, we close the setlist down (tune in for the livestreamed countdown!), and the entertainers have just 2 days to perfectly record their songs.

Look out for the SNIPER!

At some point during the week, one of the entertainers will steal the song currently at #1 to record an extra video! The sniper’s identity will be on social media – lure them with delicious songs!

Reach out to the entertainers to STRATEGIZE
together! They’ll also be reaching out to try and play their favorites (especially the sniper!).