Fundraising with Piano Fondue

So, your favorite organization is hosting a fundraiser with Piano Fondue. What is your role? The audiences at Piano Fondue fundraisers are constantly stepping up to the plate and throwing some much-needed cash at myriad organizations, charities, and nonprofits all around Wisconsin and the Midwest. Now it’s your turn. Come ready to play along with enough cash to make you hurt a little bit (remember: it’s all going to the cause). You’ll be writing your requests down on the provided request slips and bringing them up to the pianos with your bribe–ahem, charitable contribution–along with it. The higher dollar donation, the sooner your song gets played.

Additionally, throughout the show there will be the opportunity to stop certain songs by coughing up more than the original request amount. Remember though, the original song can always come back by out-bidding YOU! The thing to remember as you’re joining in the fun is that EVERY DOLLAR brought up to the pianos during the show is given straight to the fundraising cause, so tip often, tip a lot, and don’t get too upset if your song gets stopped – it’s all for a great cause, and you’re the one making it all possible. Have fun, and we’ll see you at the next Piano Fondue fundraiser!

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