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The holiday season is fast approaching… Take the opportunity to get your party planning started now.

With the summer drawing to a close and a new school year just beginning, it’s easy to forget that the holiday season is fast approaching. Plan your house party, corporate party, and family get-together early and avoid the headaches. It’s never too early to nail down your entertainment. In fact, Piano Fondue already has some dates in November, December, and January that are totally unavailable (all of our traveling shows are already on the road). Take the opportunity to get your party planning started now. Whether you choose to go with Piano Fondue or not, avoid pulling your hair out as the event draws near and book your entertainment soon.

That being said…
Here’s how Piano Fondue can help with parties of all sizes,
from a family house party to a corporate retreat.

Piano Fondue on the Fox River in Green Bay
Piano Fondue on the Fox River in Green Bay

Josh Solo

Solo Piano Singalong

    How about having a piano bar in your house? We’ll send over one of our players with a baby grand and sound system to take your party from ho-hum to raucous. Perfect for a family get-together! (1 baby grand piano, 1 musician)


Chanteuse Show

    For a martini shaking, swanky good time, our chanteuse show brings the nightclub to you. A female vocalist with piano backup can give your party that speakeasy kind of swing. Great for a low-key professional occasion. (1 baby grand piano, 2 musicians)


Piano Fondue

    More than just a couple keyboard players taking requests; Piano Fondue brings two baby grand pianos, two amazing singers well-accustomed to playing opposite each other, a live-operated light show, full-range sound system, and both a sound and a lighting engineer to help throughout your event. This option gives you the best that dueling pianos has to offer. Your show will sound the best, look the best, and if anything seems off, your technicians can make alterations on the fly – all behind the scenes! Your party is all that matters, and your guests will take with them memories that last for years. (2 baby grand pianos, 2 musicians, 2 engineers)


Piano Fondue plus DJ

    Do you want to take all this energy to the next level? How about having a DJ take over the party after Piano Fondue gets everybody fired up! Our exclusive roster of DJs work with the Piano Fondue players on a regular basis and are constantly keeping their repertoire fresh so you can dance the night away. Your sound and lighting engineers will also remain for the entirety of the show. (2 baby grand pianos, 3 musicians, 2 engineers)

If any of these strike your fancy, give us a call or just click below to get some more info.

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